My Wife: The Architectural Visualiser

I’ve already spoken about my career as a professional organiser…

…but I’ve yet to touch on my partner and what she does for a living.

I met Sophia during in the late 90s. I’d never been one for dating, but as many of my friends found their partners and began getting married, I was nudged and cajoled into meeting a potential partner. Of course, my friends knew better than to set me up on blind-dates, but they would often invite me to museum openings or art galleries under the pretence of having a quiet night out and low and behold they would be accompanied by a single friend. My friends were certainly but persistent and even after I got wise to what they were doing I was still happy to go along with the conceit, it was easy and it led to me meeting my wife, so really I can not complain!

Sophia has always been committed to her work, whereas I have been more focused on what happens outside of the 9-5. This yin-yang balance has worked to our benefit I believe. In our early days of dating Sophia was still studying to complete her architectural course, whilst I was losing interest in my line of work. After seeing the fastidious nature of my apartment, she was the one to suggest the personal organising business which ended up being my one great success. As I took my first steps to setting up that business, she was putting the finishing touches to her final assessment pieces.

Sophia’s work involved architectural visualisation, creating visually striking images using structural plans and directions from design teams. It’s a career that has changed a great deal over the last few decades and she has dedicated a great deal of her time to keeping up with the developments. Whilst I happily sold my business, she couldn’t imagine doing the same, her business is one that she loves to be a part of and she still feels like that she has great deal to give to the industry.

Our home in Bardon Mill is a perfect reflection of our lives so far, part country cottage bolt-hole and part modern office, it’s as much a labour of love as our relationship is and something that I’m very proud of. When we bought the place it was in a rather sorry state. Original parts of the building date as far back as the 18th-century, but unfortunately some of the more recent renovation had not been of a good standard. The house was a mess of different styles and eras, but this was just the kind of mess that my wife excelled at sorting. As soon as we got our hands on the plans we began setting out what we wanted to do with the house and soon a vision started to take shape.

Sophia spent the following month putting the visualisations together a 3D drawing program on her computer, leaving us with a photo-realistic visualisation of how our home would eventually look, complete with all the changes we would make and even the furniture would travel with us from London to Bardon Mill. A few minor changes withstanding, our home remains largely the same as those plans which now hang framed in our kitchen, a testament to my wife’s architectural prowess and our lasting bond.

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